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Totum Partners, a key sponsor for Account Managers Network have written an interesting article for AMN members which we would like to share with you.

The article explores key account management across four professional services firms in different sectors law, accounting, property and actuarial. The differences and similarities are compared through discussion with leading account managers within these organisations. We hope you enjoy the article and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Totum is the leader in law firm management recruitment and we are delighted to have Totum as a sponsor and we are particularly pleased that Totum is the exclusive sponsor of our summer drinks event in 2013.

Rebecca Ellis from Totum says,

“We are passionate about talent in law firm management, and the vital role it plays in delivering, supporting and accelerating change during this period of fundamental transition for the legal sector. Our expertise - developed at some of the world’s leading law firms, and coupled with nearly a decade of unrivalled experience in this specialist field - means we truly understand the distinct and dynamic needs of the law firms for whom we resource.

Our single-sector, cross-function focus means we are uniquely able to understand the complexity of the evolving legal landscape. We work exclusively within the legal sector serving all management needs, ensuring that every role we advise on is always specifically tailored to the legal market and the unique culture of that particular law firm. Unlike other recruitment specialists, we do not work to KPIs or traditionally used sales-structures. This means that every candidate we place is only recommended when we are sure that they are right for the role - and we stake our reputation on this level of discernment and insight.

We work with the understanding that in the highly specialised legal sector, nothing is generic: no role will ever be the same from firm to firm, just as no culture and no individual can ever be replicated. In the same way, to work within the legal world is to work in a highly dynamic sector - roles change and evolve constantly. We pride ourselves on understanding the nuanced shifts in roles and needs more than any other recruitment firm in the market.”