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Claire Offord | Director

Claire Offord
Claire has worked in leadership roles in a number of Global Law firms for many years. Claire is passionate about client service delivery and, in particular, how organisations can collaborate with clients and customers in order to identifiy and deliver services. Claire says - "One of the reasons that I love Account Managers Network is that it gives us all a chance to learn from each other's experiences in dealing with key accounts - it's also good fun to mix the social side with learning and it's fun to meet all the bright and talented people who are members of the network"

Darren Francis | Director

Darren Francis
Darren works with a wide range of professional services organisations to help these organisations increase income through better client and customer account management. He has been a director at Account Managers Network since 2011 and he has been director of the PepperCo consultancy since it was founded in 2004. Darren likes the Network because not only does it allow business development professionals to have their own forum, it is also good fun both to run and to take part in. Darren says - \"Ive met some really great people since I have been invovled with Account Managers Network and we meet even more fantastic people with every event that we organise\"